The Details

The Details

Your wedding details are the things that allow you to personalise your wedding day. You will probably agonise over the details & spend sleepless nights thinking about them but it’s the details, that when all pulled together, make your wedding day uniquely YOURS!

Planning a wedding day usually starts with the big details, like where & when. In Kent alone we have a jaw-dropping number of wedding venues to suit every theme & every season, ranging from a Castle to a Tree House (see ‘Venues’ for more details).

Once when & where have been decided, the next big decisions are the style & colours, which of course incorporates the all-important dress, as well as the Bridesmaids dresses, Groomsmen outfits, flowers etc. Rest easy though, because once the big decisions have been made, the smaller ones tend to fall into place.   This is wedding planning at its best & it’s not all about budget, some of the best details I have seen are the hand-crafted ones made with tender, loving care.

If this all feels a little overwhelming, please don’t worry for help is at hand.   There are an abundance of wedding suppliers at every turn to help you with every tiny detail. All you have to do is simply decide! For once these details are decided on, we pretty much have the back-drop to your wedding day!

The best way to start making these decisions (if you don’t already have your day firmly in your head) is to surround yourself with everything wedding. Pop down to your nearest newsagent & purchase lots of Bridal magazines or indeed go on-line & start having a look at wedding stuff to inspire you. Wedding Fairs are a great source of inspiration & they usually run from September through to April (please see our Home Page for details) where lots of suppliers, including us, will be exhibiting their array of gorgeous wedding details & services.

Start collecting bits & pieces that say something to you. Don’t overly think about why they say something, just start collecting them.   Sooner or later you will see a theme develop, whether that be a certain look or a certain colour.   For the most part, the big details are not necessarily conscious decisions rather something we dreamed about when we were 5 years old!   What we need to do is remember the dreams!

For me, documenting your details is as important as capturing your first kiss – they are ‘must have shots’ of all the little things that make the big thing i.e. your wedding day wonderful & unique for you.

Have fun,

Lee xx