Groomy & The Boys

Groomy & The Boys

I usually meet the Groomsmen for the first time at the wedding venue/church about 45 – 60 mins before the Ceremony/Church Service.

I have to say that in my experience as a wedding photographer the boys are usually a little more nervous than the girls at this stage! I believe this is mostly down to the fact that they have longer to wait around. The Bride’s morning is fairly structured with hair, make-up, getting dressed, car etc, but the boys usually have breakfast, get ready & then they wait!

We try, as much as possible, to keep the Groomsmen Portrait Session fun. This part of the day usually includes photographs of the Groom by himself with his Best Man/Men, Ushers & other Groomsmen.

Sunglasses for the ‘Groomsmen Group Shot’ add a touch of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ & I love mimicking a sort of Rat Pack feeling to my imagery. The rings also feature in this photo shoot which are usually, at this stage, with the Best Man.

In addition to the usual shots, I also try to capture Groomy with his parents & immediate family if they have arrived as yet. If not, I will of course get these images a little later in the day.

My goal at this stage of the day is to get all my shots taken before the party really gets going & guests start arriving. It’s always lovely to get these naturally without the guests knowing & capture the moments as they happen rather than staging them.