Bride Preparation

Bride Preparation

I love Bridal Prep! The bridal chamber, before the wedding, is a very special place to be. The feeling within the room is one of great excitement mixed in with a few nerves! It’s a busy room, as there’s always lots going on which is often helped by the odd glass of bubbly (not me, I hasten to add!).

Capturing the Bride getting ready is one of my favourite times of the day. As well as those nearest & dearest to the Bride herself, we also have experts in the world of hair & make-up, & everyone is working their magic.

Upon my arrival, I always say hello to everyone, especially the Bride & girly hugs are exchanged. I have a quick chat with hair & make-up artists to check timings & then I get to work. I’m always very mindful of not being in the way & simply documenting the fun & activity as it happens.

In terms of timing, I usually advise on around 90 mins for Bridal Prep. The first 30 mins is spent documenting the details i.e. the dress, the shoes, the flowers (if they have arrived), the jewellery, the perfume, the list goes on.

The remaining 60 minutes is spent capturing the Bride in hair & make-up, and then the Bride getting in her dress if timing allows. I often witness a ‘Daddy reveal’ which is ALWAYS highly emotional & one where discretion is key.

Bridal prep is an incredibly bonding time for all taking part & sparkle dust is definitely in the room. For when the doors open, the Bride & her entourage are ready…… super exciting!