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The Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be full of magical moments which, when all put together, will make the wonderful story of your wedding day.

Similar to a film, your wedding day will contain different scenes on many different backdrops.  It’s completely your choice as to which scenes are photographed and what I’ve tried to do here is to give you a flavour of each part of the day so that you can plan & think about what you would like photographed.

Have fun planning.

Lee xx

The Bride

The Groom

The Bride & The Girls

Groomy & The Boys

Bride Preperation

The Details

Let's Dance

The ``I Do`` Bit

Wedding Photographer in Kent

Firstly, hello & thank you for taking the time to visit Blushing Bride Photography. My guess is that you’re planning a wedding and looking for a professional wedding photographer to capture those very precious moments.

Honest, natural & stunning wedding photography

My name is Lee Gordon and I am a female professional photographer covering weddings in Kent.  My style of photography has often been described as ‘romantic’ which is lovely to hear, and of course paramount to being a good wedding photographer. I was delighted to be shortlisted as a regional finalist, best wedding photographer for London & South East, at the 2015 Wedding Industry Awards.  Only bride and grooms from 2014 were allowed to vote so to be nominated is wonderful.

I am based in Boughton-Under-Blean, near Faversham in Kent. I genuinely believe I was put on this earth to provide bride & grooms with wonderful wedding day memories albeit with photography. One of the most important things for me is to get to know my Bride & Groom as much as I can before their big day. I want to know what they like, what they dislike & it may sound silly, but most importantly, what they want to see when they look back at their wedding photographs. Every wedding is different & all Bride & Grooms have their own agenda.

Dedicated to photographing your precious wedding day memories

A wedding day is something that little girls dream of & its usually been years in the making. A photographer’s position is one of huge trust & responsibility. I will witness everything (well, nearly everything!) from the most private & poignant family moments, where discretion is key, to the most public of confessions – the words “I do”. I love weddings. It’s a gift to be so close to the Bride & Groom on their special day. The very real emotion of love & laughter is the perfect back-drop, & the setting allows me to capture exceptional, honest & timeless memories.

Wedding Photography packages to suit every budget

Please feel free to check out my ‘Gallery’ Page to see a collection of weddings in and around Kent that I have already had the privilege to photograph, but more importantly, check out my ’Testimonial’ page to see what my previous clients really think! In addition, the ‘Packages’ page details the different coverage & price options available to you.

Have a question? Ask away!

Please feel free to contact me by contact form, phone or email. I’m always more than happy to talk weddings and answer any questions and no query is too small.

Weddings are truly exciting times and I very much hope that I can be of service to you.

All the best,

Lee Gordon XX (Blushing Bride Owner)